A Baylor College of Medicine & Rice University Collaboration


Within Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine, there are many resources that could be used to help in building your collaborations.

Educational and Research Initiatives for Collaborative Health (ENRICH)

Institute for Biosciences and Bioengineering (IBB)

Gulf Coast Consortia (GCC)

Bioscience Research Collaborative (BRC)

Virtually Integrated Institutions for Clinical and Translational Research (VIICTR)

Center for Space Medicine

Disclosures, IP, Licensing, and Startups: (please start with your home institution)

Rice: Office of Technology Transfer

BCM: Baylor Licensing Group

Registrar Offices:

Rice: Office of the Registrar

BCM: Office of the Registrar

Outside BCM and Rice

Technology Collaboration Center of Houston (TCC) - Independent organization which focuses on building more partnerships within Space, Medicine and Energy communities as well as many other areas. TCC hosts Events and Collaboration Concierge Service.