A Baylor College of Medicine & Rice University Collaboration

Core Facilities

Baylor College of Medicine and Rice University allows enhanced access of BCM personnel to the Shared Equipment Authority and the Shared Computing Facility at Rice University. This means that BCM personnel can access these cores at the same pricing charged to Rice University users. Access to these core facilities will depend on availability. Additionally, Rice personnel can access BCM Advanced Technology Core (ATC) facilities at the same pricing charged to BCM users. The reciprocity agreement provides standard services to investigators and allows access to these facilities as capacity permits at the standard internal charge rates for each Institution at the direct cost of the service (i.e., no indirect charges). The cores involved are listed below along with links to websites that provide information on core services and the process for accessing cores.

BCM Advanced Technology Cores

Details available on each of the cores that make up the Advanced Technology Core Laboratories can be found in the ATC Labs Catalog.

Rice Shared Equipment Authority