A Baylor College of Medicine & Rice University Collaboration

Joint Programs

M.D./Ph.D. Medical Scientist Training Program

Students in the program receive an M.D. from Baylor College of Medicine and a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Rice University. During the first two years in the program, students typically complete the pre-clinical basic science curriculum at Baylor prior to the Ph.D. course of study in the Rice Bioengineering program. After successfully defending their thesis and receiving their Ph.D., students return to Baylor to complete the clinical curriculum. Many of these students are jointly advised by Rice Bioengineering faculty and Baylor clinical faculty.

M.D./M.B.A. Program

In collaboration with the Baylor College of Medicine, the Jones Graduate School of Business offers the MD/MBA dual degree program for candidates seeking to integrate business knowledge with expertise in medical schools, physician groups, hospitals and managed care organizations

Systems, Synthetics, and Physical Biology (SSPB)

The SSPB Graduate Program is designed to provide students the knowledge and tools that they will need to solve hard biological questions and to apply their discoveries to the development of biotechnologies that transform agriculture, electronics, energy, the environment, information storage, medicine, and manufacturing. The interdisciplinary program includes 45 faculty from 9 departments at Rice and BCM.

Center for Theoretical Biological Physics (CTBP)

The Center for Theoretical Biological Physics uses and develops concept and methods of physics to help make quantitative sense of phenomena in the living world and at the same time use problems from the living world to motivate new approaches to the broader topic of complex non-equilibrium matter.


Neuroscience is the study of the brain and nervous system; how it develops, how it works, and what happens when it doesn’t work properly. Neuroscience is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses most areas of modern science, from genetics and biology, to mathematics and engineering, to social and physical sciences, to medicine. The program currently has faculty from over 20 departments at Rice, Baylor and UT Health Science Center. Neuroscience currently has interdisciplinary major and minor options.